In these hard times many people in Lancashire are hungry or can't afford to  feed their families. There is an extensive network of food banks and community cafe projects across the county where in an emergency people in need can get free or very cheap food.

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during the lockdown...

We are going to use theTogether Lancashire facebook page as our prime means of sharing information about the schemes of food support that are available across Lancashire. We will also try to share local information to our facebook groups for Preston, Blackpool and Morecambe areas.

Please use comments or messages to the page to correct bad information or to tell us about additional services available to the public.

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Most people would like to eat at least one decent meal of healthy food each day. It's not always easy if you are short of time or money, or if you have never learned to cook nutritious meals on a budget. Our network of projects offers cook and eat sessions, cheap healthyrecipes, cooking classes and even slow cookers.

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Lancashire is an important food growing county, but much of the food we eat is processed and tons of good food go to waste. Our network of growing projects encourages communities to grow their own fresh fruit and vegetables, reduce food waste and to connect people back to the land.

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There is a really important video on The Right to Food Here

Registered Charity no 1147848

Registered company no 07966145

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